Why should you use MyVet.info:
The main functions are for free, so if you forgot to make a payment your clinic will continue to work on our platform
The first time you register, you get all services free for 30 days
You do not need to pay the programmers for setting up and updating the system
Integration with the international database and municipal registries of animals
No need to worry thet the server will crash, information can not be lost. All data is stored on Microsoft servers and is securely protected
The intuitive interface requires no training to navigate and utilize
Service packages
Package “FREE” Package “STANDARD” Package “VIP”
Creation and maintenance of animal card
Search for animals in the international database animal-id.info
Implementation of procedures
Creation of procedures templates with writing off the products or medicines
Animal registration in the international database animal-id.info
Storing the history of visits and control of payments
Generating and printing of checks, statements, receipts with clinic logo
Quick sale of goods and medicines
Check printing
Ambulatory journal
Drugstore sales
Accounting for goods and control of money
Maintaining cash and transfers between cash registers
Creating accounts for staff with different access levels
Printing reports in PDF and EXCEL format.
Calendar of visits and appointments
Online clinic page with registration to make appointment
Mail reminders about repeated procedures
Calendar of visits and appointments
Detailed report on medicine sales
Sending SMS reminders
Extended analytics
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Налаштування профілю лікаря
Створення накладної
Здійснення процедури та відображення в кабінеті власника animal-id.info
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